Waterproofing A Tent Fly- Using Silicon & Turpentine

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Re: Waterproofing A Tent Fly- Using Silicon & Turpentine

Postby GregG » Thu 08 Jul, 2021 12:36 pm

I have sucessfully used Selleys tile and glass sealant thinned with white spirits, I only used the white spirits because I had some of the stuff on hand and had no further use for it, it is more expensive than mineral turpentine and as far as I can tell they are equally effective apart from the lingering smell of turps.... phew!. I just kept on adding the WS to a container of silicon until I obtained a saturated solution and painted it onto the outside surface of PU polyester. It has worked very effectively for a couple of years so far. As someone else said earlier it seems not to be a permanent fix but will allow you to get a few extra uses out of a favorite bit of gear.
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Re: Waterproofing A Tent Fly- Using Silicon & Turpentine

Postby Orion » Sat 10 Jul, 2021 5:03 am

I just went through this exercise with a homemade silnylon pack cover that wasn't particularly waterproof anymore. It took several days for it to dry. And while there was an improvement it still let through a significant amount of water when tested.

I threw it out and am going to make a new one with some spare DCF that I have.
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