Don’t screw up your stove pipe?

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Don’t screw up your stove pipe?

Postby telemarktim » Sat 22 May, 2021 10:39 pm

Hi Stovies, You have got this far. The full topic title should have been:

If you don’t telescopically screw up your stove pipe you may be screwing it up with nasty krinkles, wrinkles and creases.
But that was too long

Roll-up stove pipes are made from fine titanium or stainless steel. They are probably the most important innovation to make truly ultralight tent stoves a reality for backpacking snow or ski trips where free and persistent heat is so welcome.


A beautiful roll up stove pipe is the powerhouse of the A Tiny Aussie Tent Stove (described in MYOG). It safely takes the combustion gases out of the stove so you don’t die of carbon monoxide poisoning. It makes intense heat for warmth and cooking by making the wood fuel burn fiercely and efficiently even when it is damp.

Here is a little video, I think you will get the picture.

A confession. Over the years I rolled out and rolled up my pipe like everyone else did with noisy crinkling sounds as the foil curvature of the squat backpacking foil roll transitioned into the curvature of the long stove pipe. I even showed off at the campsites by releasing the pipe to let it noisily shoot out from its tight coil to become a beautiful stove pipe.

Along with the impressive crinkling sound, the transition process puts many little and big crinkles and creases in the foil that spoils its sealing and compact packing properties.

I have discovered a rolling method that eliminates the crinkling and the damage by making a gentle and smooth transition between the two curved shapes. It is quicker and it can be done with the holding rings left in place. It does not even need to touch the ground or snow when packing up in bad weather.

The screwing method that I use means that I can telescopically screw out, or in, without ‘screwing up’ the foil each time I shift camp.

Here is a brief video of the telescopic not screwing up……or is it out?

Here is another video of the telescopic screwing in, down or away?…….. but not up.

Here is the 2,200mm long stove pipe packed up inside a tiny tent stove that can be packed up in its cooking pot/s. The holding rings stay on the roll whether it is rolled up or out.


For more details on these magic stove pipes please see:

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Re: Don’t screw up your stove pipe?

Postby Lamont » Sun 23 May, 2021 9:22 am

I'm enjoying the videos Tim as well as your tips and instructions. Thanks for taking the time. :D
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