DCF, X-Pac, wallets, zip pouches, stuff sacks

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DCF, X-Pac, wallets, zip pouches, stuff sacks

Postby Petew » Tue 04 Feb, 2020 6:49 am

For sale are an assortment of DCF zip pouches/wallets/stuff sacks and X-Pac wallets. All DCF items are stitched and seam taped for strength and water resistance.

DCF fabric is 100% waterproof.

2.92oz DCF hybrid is typically used for ultralight pack construction.

1.43 Oz DCF is on the burlier end of the see through DCF.

1 Oz DCF is more see through than the 1.43 Oz but still reasonably tough. It's used by zpacks for their tent floors.

X-Pac VX 15 is a waterproof laminate fabric reinforced with an X grid.

X-Pac V 15 is similar but without the reinforcement X grid.

X-Pac VX 07 is a lighter weight version of VX 15.

All items have either a #3 YKK Uretek zipper or a regular #3 YKK zipper.

Uretek zippers are PU coated for water resistance. Typically these will do a great job of keeping out rain but are not submersible.

All items are unused and made by me in Sydney. I like making stuff and sell some of it so I can buy more fabric :)

Postage is to Australia only. I send by registered mail which has tracking and signature required. Postage is a flat rate of $8

Payment can be done by PayPal or PayId.

Item descriptions are associated with an image at the bottom of the post.

If you have any questions, please ask away. I am also open to making things on request if it's within my ability to do so.

Items are pictured with a letter for reference:

A, X-Pac mini wallets red is vx 07, purple is v15. Hexcam is VX 15. Water proof fabric and water resistant Uretek zip but not seam taped. Approximately 11cm by 7.5cm. weight 8g.
Purple and red, $15 each. Hexcam, $18 each.

B, DCF mini hiking wallets, made from 2.92 Oz DCF hybrid fabric. Seam taped. Approximately 11cm by 7.5 cm. Weight 7g. Black with green zip, $20 each, custom print leopard spots or dragon scales $22 each.

C, X-Pac zipper pouches with boxed base. Std #3 YKK zipper. Approx dimensions: 17cm with at top(12 cm at base) height 12cm width of box base 5.5cm

Red VX 07, 13g, $22
Black gridstop (not X-Pac), 14g, $22 each
Hexcam VX 15, 15g, $24 each
V 15 (purple or green) 14g, $22 each

D, same shape and dimensions as C but with the following differences.

Hexcam features Uretek zipper. 15g $26 each

Leopard print and dragon scale print are DCF hybrid 2.92oz, seam taped and Uretek zipper. 13g, $32 each

E, 1.43 Oz DCF gusseted zip pouches. Seam taped, Uretek zipper, Gusseted base, three sizes:
Small:15 X 11cm, 8g, $23
Medium: 19 X 13cm, 10g, $25
Large: 22 X 15cm, 12g, $27

Complete set $70.

F, X-Pac box pouches. Std #3 YKK zipper with two sliders. Approx dimensions are: length, 24cm, height, 8cm, width, 9cm. Red VX 07 weighs 24g,$25
grey LS 07 weighs 20g. $25
Hexcam weighs 26g, $27

G, 1 Oz DCF drawstring stuff sack. All gusseted and seam taped. Sides quoted are when the sacks are stuffed full (not flat dimensions)

Small, 5g. L 16cm by W 9cm. $20
Med, 8g, L 23cm by W 12.5cm. $24
Large, 10g, L 27cm by W 15.5cm. $28.
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