First-Person Trails (a Bushwalking YouTube channel)

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First-Person Trails (a Bushwalking YouTube channel)

Postby HolgerKnu » Thu 10 Mar, 2022 4:24 pm

I have started a YouTube channel with complete recordings of various bushwalks, currently from Tasmania and the Cairns, QLD region: ... hw6Z_SRlew

The channel includes some iconic day walks such as Cradle Mountain, Walls of Jerusalem, Cape Raoul, and Glacier Rock.

The videos show the full walks, but are slighlty accelerated in order to keep them short enough for online viewing. Everything is filmed in first-person perspective, using a chest-mounted GoPro. The highlights of the tracks are shown in original walking speed.

I hope some people find the videos useful, e.g. for planning purposes.

Does anyone know of similar video channels?
Nothofagus cunninghamii
Nothofagus cunninghamii
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Re: First-Person Trails (a Bushwalking YouTube channel)

Postby wildwanderer » Mon 14 Mar, 2022 4:47 pm

Nice work.

Personaly speaking Id prefer them in real time. Would make a nice relaxing background video when sitting on the lounge. (and people who are trip planning can still use the slider to skip to the areas they want.. you could set up highlight points/links for easier navigation)
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Auctorita modica
Auctorita modica
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Re: First-Person Trails (a Bushwalking YouTube channel)

Postby holgi » Tue 15 Mar, 2022 8:03 pm

Thanks for your feedback. Yes there is a trade-off here. Even with my very fast network connection, it takes almost 2 days to upload a 1 hour video (in the given resolution) to YouTube. This unfortunately limits what I can upload realistically. But you are right I could do full-length videos for the shorter walks.
Nothofagus cunninghamii
Nothofagus cunninghamii
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