Orchids at Merthyr Park - Tasmania

Bushwalking pictures.
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Orchids at Merthyr Park - Tasmania

Postby bushwalker zane » Mon 12 Oct, 2020 9:08 am

Hello all!

Here are a few shots that I took yesterday at a local park. The park used to be a rubbish tip, but gifted to the people by Mr Merthyr and eventually it was taken over by landcare and slowly revegetated. It is currently in a bit of a sad state, however, there are some wonderful flowers around. My partner and I went for a walk through the scrub and found a few beautiful Orchids, as well as some mystery blooms! I am pretty new to Orchids, it's been one of those hobbies that has bubbled along, but over the last few weeks I've begun to fall madly in love with them and can't wait to find out more! I have managed to I.D. some of them which are not too uncommon, but there is one that has eluded me.

Shot on an XT-2 with a 60mm 2.4 Macro.

Chiloglotis triceratops.JPG

Three Horned Bird Orchid
There were a lot of these around, both in a deep hue, and lighter in colour when situated in darker places (as this one was). This was the most abundant species we saw for the day.

Pterostylis nutans.JPG

Nodding Greenhood
We saw these in a small patch of open ground that was quite dry. They were in abundance in that one area, although, we didn't seem to find them elsewhere.

Pterostylis pedunculata.JPG

Maroon Greenhood
We only found two of these, situated right next to each other on the side or a rock in the dark and damp area near the Second River.


I have no idea what these are. I would love if anyone could share some insight. They had one small round leaf at the base of the stem, a small root system, 4 'broken cups' beneath the top crown. They were very densely packed in a very small area. On a dry, north facing rocky outcrop.

I hope you enjoy these photos! :D
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Re: Orchids at Merthyr Park - Tasmania

Postby north-north-west » Mon 12 Oct, 2020 7:01 pm

Last shot looks like spore cases on lichen.
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