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Overland track, either direction 6th-13th June?

PostPosted: Thu 18 Jan, 2018 9:49 am
by carryless
Hey everyone, My partner and I are doing the overland track starting on the 6thish June, finishing on the 13thish June. Is there anyone driving from Launceston to Cradle Mountain/Lake Sinclair on the 4/5/6th of June or going from Cradle Mountain/Lake Sinclair to Launceston on the 11/12/13th June and will have a couple of seats spare?
We will likely get transport with Overland track transport to Lake Sinclair on the 6th and with McDermott's Coaches from Cradle Mountain on the 13th and walk in reverse if we can't get a lift from someone here. Happy to pay fuel costs of course.

Re: Overland track, either direction 6th-13th June?

PostPosted: Tue 30 Apr, 2019 12:21 pm
by walkmanjams99
Hi carryless, I saw your post and just thought I'd throw you a shout. I plan on doing the OT June 1 - June 6/7, and am currently looking into booking transport as well. If your timeline is flexible at all and you'd be up for moving up your trip I'd be happy to share the transit costs with you and your partner (I'd offer to change mine to match yours but I'm coming from the US and my flight is already booked). If that's of any interest let me know - otherwise good luck with your trek!