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A place to share systematic reviews of bushwalking equipment, services and idea.

Forum rules

Forum rules
This is a place to share fair and systematic reviews of gear. Share the good, bad and ugly as well as including how you tested it and reviewed the gear. This is not the place to carry on about a bit of gear that failed, sometimes good gear has a lemon - this is more about systematic reviews. Although this can be a way to help gear manufactures with feedback, this is not the place to hassle them or ask for money back.

Start each thread with
[tag]Brand, product, RRP in AUD. The tags have two parts the type of gear and type of testing/review. eg
[Sleeping bag | Unboxing] Kmart Summit Hooded $29
[Stove | Field test]Jetboil, flash $150

Suggested review types. Unboxing, field test, 1 year on, stress test, teardown.
If someone else has already reviewed the same product in a similar method then please use the initial thread to include your review. Please note if the gear was provide to you for free, loan, discount or if you paid full RRP.
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BUDGET - Hiax German boots resale $80

Tue 08 Sep, 2015 4:37 pm

BUDGET - Hiax German Army boots resale: $80 bucks delivered

Arctic Camel wrote:
slparker wrote:...a pair of used grade ones, ... 0691122340

$80 bucks delivered to these shores, made by Hiax

They look pretty good, are they lined with leather or synthetic or just sueded inside? How stiff is the sole?

Those particular ones are just leather lined, the Alpine boots are full Gortex lined, for the money you couldn't really go past them.

They have excellent ankle support, however like all military boots are a tad on the long side, but a great budget boot for the price.

Re: BUDGET - Hiax German boots resale $80

Tue 08 Sep, 2015 4:48 pm

slparker wrote:That's a very good price and it is hard to find boots specific to walking without goretex these days.

And all the way from Europe! Did they get them for free as there can't be much profit in these?

Re: BUDGET - Hiax German boots resale $80

Tue 08 Sep, 2015 4:55 pm

Genuine German Army MK5 and MK6 Para Boots manufactured by HAIX.

ImageImage ... 0691122340

These are the current boot that the German Army get issued when serving in the military today. They are also worn by many Special Forces personnel throughout the world due to them being extremely comfortable and very hard wearing. They are made to the highest of standards from very tough wearing leather; they are very comfortable and have a padded collar which offers more comfort and also excellent ankle support.

We have both the Genuine German Army MK5 and MK6 Para Boots in stock which are manufactured by HAIX. If you do have a preference then please let us know and we will see what the stock availability is.

The German army Para boot are acknowledged as being one of the best types of military boot available

Very comfortable, durable and long lasting
Padded collar
Soft leather lining throughout
Extremely water resistant top grain leather
Excellent ankle and heel support
8 eyelet speed lace system
Non slip hard wearing oil resistant sole
Full Size Range Available
Ideal for serving soldiers, Cadets, TA's, Hunting, Fishing, Paintballing, Air soft or even for every day wear.
What is Grade 1?
Grade 1 or used condition means the goods have been previously worn but are still in very good condition. Boots will have plenty of tred on the sole and excellent upper leather. They may have a few scuffs to the toe area which can normally be hidden by shoe polish. Some times this is beneficial to the wearer as the boots have already been broken in which means the likely hood of getting blisters and rubbing is minimal.

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