Photos wanted!

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Photos wanted!

Postby bushwalkingnsw » Thu 08 May, 2014 8:24 pm

Bushwalking NSW is in the process of developing a new web site. Part of the design will require photos illustrating bushwalking in NSW. These will appear in banners and at various places throughout the site.

Yes we could go and get photos from a photo library, but then we thought: Who will have the best photos of bushwalking in NSW? Bushwalkers of course!

So we are asking if you would let us use your photos on the web site.

What we want is photos of people doing the sorts of things that bushwalkers do - walking, camping, abseiling, canyoning, caving, kayaking, and so on. In particular, we would like photos featuring a variety of ages, from the very young to older walkers.

We may be able to use some landscape and close up photos, but the primary need is photos featuring people.

Because websites often have funny-shaped holes to be filled, photos that can be cropped to fit these holes will be especially valuable.

Now, the things to note:
• We may not be able to use all photos submitted - sorry!
• We cannot pay you for the photos, but we would be happy to credit you for each photo used.
* We will ask you to provide a release allowing us to use the photos.

At this stage, I have not worked out a good way for people to submit photos for consideration. E-mail theoretically should be ok, but given the size of the images and the limits on the size of individual messages, this may be difficult.

So I would be grateful for suggestions how to handle this.

Please reply here or PM me.


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