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Matemateonga Hike

Sat 24 Apr, 2021 7:08 pm

Hi, new to the forum and first time posting.
In my youth I spent a lot of time hiking through the Matemateonga’s which is over 35 years ago now. I did the straight through to the Wanganui river a couple of times but spent more time on the side tracks through to Maungarau- Tahupo and Puteore huts. I was thinking of doing this hike again with a couple of mates from the gym. Lived in Australia for over 30 years now and been a citizen for just on 20!

Just wondering about any forum members who have travelled through there in more recent years and what changes there may be? I had not done any hiking for a few years but just a few days ago completed the GOW ( Great Ocean Walk) from Apollo bay through to the 12 Apostles with friends.

Re: Matemateonga Hike

Tue 13 Jul, 2021 6:02 pm

still maintained, can be some windfall depending on recent storms ... nga-track/
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