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Lots of tracks closed

Sat 08 Feb, 2020 7:54 pm

Hi All,

Thought I would let everyone know that quite a few tracks are closed.

My wife planned a small tramping getaway with some of her friends and DOCS emailed her and cancelled their Routeburn hut fees - they were booked for April.

You can check the rest here -;Multi-night,Duration.List;Overnight&region-id=3019000#activitypanel

The following multi-day tracks are still open with no alerts:
Kepler: ... ler-track/
Hump Ridge: ... dge-track/
Motatapu: ... apu-track/
Catlins River-Wisp: ... oop-track/
Breast Hill: ... ill-track/
Dingle Burn: ... urn-track/
Pisa: ... ng-tracks/

Thought I'd share with anybody that is considering NZ in the Fiordland region
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