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Out of the way day walks.

PostPosted: Thu 09 Aug, 2018 9:23 am
by bushwalker zane

My partner and I are going to NZ next year (2019) to do some cycle touring. We're planning around 5 months, warmer months down south, cooler up north. I have looked around at day walks and overnighters (probably no more than 2 nights - limited carrying capacity with smaller packs), and have a small list forming, but I was hoping some people here with more knowledge of New Zealand might be able to throw a few suggestions my way. I'm particularly keen on places not many others go.

Any and all suggestions welcome :D


Re: Out of the way day walks.

PostPosted: Mon 10 Sep, 2018 4:50 am
by wayno
look up the DOC website, if you havent heard of the walk, theres a chance its not popular. theres thousands to choose from, cruise around a park and you'll come across numerous options. look at the website to see whats going to be close to your chosen route, check out the cycleways, some go through forest like Pureora forest trail and the waikato river trail. there are books on day walks. frankly some of the busy ones are still worth it for the views and easy access they give, if its insanely popular then the view is worth it.