Foreigners to pay double to tramp Great Walks

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Re: Foreigners to pay double to tramp Great Walks

Postby Warin » Fri 17 Aug, 2018 5:41 pm

wayno wrote: the plan for the monorail was laughable, they were asking to clear a path through the forest a few metres either side of the monorail. where a lot of the forest is 25m tall, meaning to avoid trees falling on the monorail line and damaging it, approval would be needed for a 50m wide belt....

Or put the mono rail well above the trees .. may not be comfortable for passengers if the breeze picks up .. sick bag anyone? :mrgreen:

Alternatives? Flying fox and aerial walkways that hang off the trees. That may help reduce the walkers too as they might see the flying fox/aerial walkway as an alternative to doing a ground level walk.

Actually if you had flying foxes that could double the speed of the walk and halve the number of huts required. So on the Milford Track you could have 2 way traffic - one way uses one set of huts the other way uses a different set of tracks. :twisted:
'We' either require more tracks that are of acceptable qualities to those that want to walk, or less people that want to walk.
Same thing for scenery too.
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