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Basketball mesh as a midlayer?

PostPosted: Wed 03 Jun, 2020 2:47 pm
by Moondog55
Many many years ago I had a PaddyPallin sunshirt in a tan mesh fabric that did double duty as a summer top and as a very breathable midlayer in the snow.
In winter over a long-john top and under my old dry japara it provided "just enough" warmth for fast paced walking and skiing.
Naturally by the time I needed another one Paddys had changed the Tech-Sun to CoolMax and while better in summer [ and still being used] it doesn't work so well in winter.
A while ago I found a remnant of 100GSM stretch mesh and Cecile has offered to sew me a new bush shirt using it.
A few questions.
For winter open side of the mesh in or out?
Simple double yoke or doubled fabric full length on the torso?
Fleece lined collar or a windproof layer on the outside or both??
To be worn over Patagonia Cap 2 T-shirt or Everyday long johns.
Might also get a new pull-over windshirt if herself is feeling generous, the Montane is wearing out rapidly and getting a little tight over the Covid-belly

Re: Basketball mesh as a midlayer?

PostPosted: Wed 12 May, 2021 9:47 am
by Moondog55
Decided that as I don't walk in hot weather anymore and my skiing and walking is no longer fast paced; to use the fabric to make pajamas.
Most comfortable PJs I have worn in a long time.
I gave some away to a mate to trial as warm weather top but no feedback on that project yet