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Re: South West Walking Simulation

Postby Son of a Beach » Thu 20 Jan, 2022 7:54 am

Last wrote:a number of years ago I camped with a friend at scotts peak dam for about 10 days. Each day we went for day walks in glorious sunshine, went to Mt Anne, Lake Judd, to Adamsfield via the Tims track (don't) and other walks. The only exception to the perfect weather was a bank of cloud over the WA's. It never lifted. On about the 2nd last day a group of walkers appeared from there having done the traverse. It had rained the whole time.

Huh! I would have sworn that was us, except that we walked out at Farmhouse Creek. But I suppose it's nice to know that I'm not alone in my Rob McKenna style super-normal precipitation inducing abilities.
Son of a Beach
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Re: South West Walking Simulation

Postby bernieq » Thu 20 Jan, 2022 5:22 pm

Chris wrote:Bump, because as Adam said >13 years ago, it deserves it.

Thanks for the bump, Chris, and the uncontrolled laughter :wink: I must have missed this thread over the years.

A few years ago, we had to cancel a Wilmot Frankland Giblin traverse because of the fires. So we headed up onto Gould Plateau and promptly were snowed on - had to go back down & around through Pine Valley to get to the Labyrinth as we figured ice on the rocks around Gould would be a bit risky. The fires down south were still continuing as there was no snow or rain there. Snow to the north, fires to the south - go figure.

A couple of years later, we tried the WFG traverse again - made it (barely) to camp just past Sprent. 100kph winds, ice, snow, torrential rain, -10deg and a forecast for worsening! weather forced us back. Numb fingertips for months!

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Re: South West Walking Simulation

Postby mtrain » Tue 25 Jan, 2022 3:47 pm

Years ago my wife and I did the southern alps precipitous bluff walk and out the south coast track.
It rained, sleeted and blew a gale the whole time we were up on the range. Christmas Day was spent in the tent while it sounded like jumbo jets flying around the tarn then crashing into our tent. The night spent at low camp before going over PB we packed everything up befor bed with the agreement that if the megamid started to shred we would just zip up our bivy sacks and wait the night out. Again with the jumbo jets.
We didn’t see PB at all the whole trip until we were washing off in new river lagoon the next day. During most of that time we could occasionally get glimpses of sunny beaches down on the south coast track.
During the few days walking back out along the coast we would look up and the range was generally missing in the cloud even though it was warm and sunny on the coast.
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