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Reusing, Repurposing or Regretting

PostPosted: Sat 13 Mar, 2021 9:56 pm
by Orbita_Serenitatem
Before me, on the coroners cold bench top, is my partners Mountain Designs Lake Tahune 60L from 1998... the rats ate the hip belt in 2003 when we bought a house and the pack was stored in the shed. The pack did two hikes... it was bought for the Overland Track etc.

So until today it, without the stinky rat-pissed hip belt, it has been stored alongside the 'new' gear... but always at the bottom of the shelf. And in a separate box.

I placed it on the table tonight and started to remove the buckles and webbing etc. with a scalpel and I wondered "Is this right?"

Should I strip all the hardware off the old (and irreparable) pack, or maybe keep it all together and put it in the Vinnies bin?

Do I just put it in the rubbish bin and 'be gone with it'?

I ask - how many 'bits' that you have removed from old and broken gear have repurposed?

Or how big is your 'repair box' of buckles and bits from old gear that you have stripped and will you ever use all of them?

Re: Reusing, Repurposing or Regretting

PostPosted: Sun 14 Mar, 2021 6:34 am
by ribuck
By the time I've finished with my gear, Vinnies won't want it. I'm not going to give it to them just so that they have to chuck it out.

For years I have saved things like buckles, but I don't think I've ever used any of those saved bits. I've been trying to shake off my scarcity mindset, but I can't, so I have multiple boxes of random useless bits and pieces.

Of course there is the environmental aspect, but the environmental benefit comes from re-using the item, not from the act of saving it.

How about re-purposing? A pack without a hip belt isn't much good for the Overland Track, but can it be used for carting groceries from the checkout to the car? Or as a storage container for off-season outdoor gear, instead of buying a plastic storage bin? Or cut some leg holes in it and give the young nieces and nephews rides around the garden? Or can you use the fabric to make some storage pouches? Or can it slide under the bed to store footwear that you hardly ever use? Or can you re-arrange it to make a work of abstract art? I don't know, I'm struggling here.

Re: Reusing, Repurposing or Regretting

PostPosted: Sun 14 Mar, 2021 6:55 am
by Lamont
I'd hose it down really well-blast it really clean. Dry on line. Show to Vinnies (not bin). If they want it give it to them to make some dosh.
If they don't try the Pay it forward, someone may live nearby and can pick it up for parts or try to save it. Sewing on that stuff is not impossible.
No-one wants it? Cut off everything you want and can recycle. Shoulder straps are really useful to have -make you own ruckie?!
Or planning on any plane flights? I used one like this to chuck under the plane on my trips to NZ with my kids stuff because they are usually so tough and can take a battering. Far better than a duffle bag. Tape the hell out of it.

Re: Reusing, Repurposing or Regretting

PostPosted: Tue 23 Mar, 2021 10:22 pm
by Orbita_Serenitatem
After reading your very much needed views and directions, I put the pack in the bin on Sunday... but took it back out tonight.

I have found it's purpose - to re-purpose - I'll use it as my pulk bag. I bought a cheap toboggan last summer for the winter snow shoeing, but CoVid must have clouded my brain or I just didn't see the dots connecting.

Thanks Lamont and Ribuck - the old Mountain Design Tahune will ride again!

Might even take some photos to show how it goes.

I feel at peace. :D