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Re: Too much to choose from and between !!**!!

Postby Moondog55 » Sun 27 Mar, 2022 9:04 am

Bringing this back due to a new purchase.
Bought for a couple of reasons; it was on sale at a third or retail [ still is until sold out] and I wanted to get the weight down a little bit.
This is and was a Marmot down jacket with hood that is probably a bit warmer than the DAS and definitely a bit lighter.
The problem in now that it doesn't fit into the mountaineering style layered clothing system I'd worked up over the years.
It was so handy being able to simply pull out the oversized belay parka and chuck it on over the top of the Goretex, now I'll need to remove the shell garment to wear the new downie.
If it's very cold and windy I'll be needing a windproof over the down and that means either making a new oversized windproof or carrying the old US surplus Goretex rather than the midweight Mountain Designs parka I bought here a while back and my overall weight won't have changed.
Yes it's very definitely a first world problem
!!**!! ?
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