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NT border opening & quarantine

PostPosted: Wed 24 Jun, 2020 5:54 pm
by Eremophila
Border Control advised me today that if you arrive in the NT prior to their borders opening on 17 July, you are only required to self-quarantine until 17 July. This is not detailed anywhere on their website as yet, has only been clarified in the last few days.

This may be subject to change, particularly for we germy Victorians.

I've booked a flight for the 15th, only cost me $85 each way plus a few points. If it all goes pear-shaped then I will be making another trip to attend a friend's memorial service later on, so can use the flights/credits.

Very excited at the prospect of a few days on Larapinta. Less excited about flying, particularly as I have to go via Sydney.