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Misty Mountains, Worth a visit?

PostPosted: Sun 26 Sep, 2021 10:55 am
by The ghost who walks
We are looking at doing the Thorsborne Trail next June and are now looking for other walks up north to do while we are up there.
I came across a PDF map of the Misty Mountains trail system which interested me. Looking around the web there is very scant information and the stuff I can find is outdated.
So, my question is: Is it worth a trip? I am mainly interested in multiday walk options.
Are the tracks in a reasonable condition? I am getting a bit tired of bashing through lantana and wait a while.
Leeches? Ticks? Rain? (We are looking at June next year)
On paper a loop from somewhere along the Tully Falls Road via Walters Waterhole, Cochable Creek camping area, Hinson Creek camping area, Canabullen Creek camping area and back to Cardwell Range trailhead looks interesting.
Are there proper maps or walk descriptions available?
Is that a reasonable thing to plan?

Re: Misty Mountains, Worth a visit?

PostPosted: Sun 26 Sep, 2021 7:19 pm
by sandym
Have not walked there since 2013 but at that time they were overgrown, unmarked, full of stinging trees, scrub, lantana, wait a while, etc. etc. I have a friend who lives in Cairns who said there were great plans for the trail system but nothing eventuated. I swore off after doing two or three walks all of which were just thick bushwacks to nowhere. YYMV.

Re: Misty Mountains, Worth a visit?

PostPosted: Mon 27 Sep, 2021 5:08 pm
by bauplenut
In 2015 did the Misty Mtns Cardwell Range track. Ok walk, not a lot of interest along the way though, it is just an old logging road that is now a track. Cannabullen Falls is good. Had tried other tracks but they were very overgrown and not defined so retreated.

An alternative may be Paluma Range north of Townsville, has over 100 km well marked and maintained rainforest tracks, you could design a multi-day walk there using that track network. Several waterfalls, giant strangler trees, rainforest.

Anywhere in tropical rainforests you will get leeches :D