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Sunshine Coast Hinterland Walk - May Conditions

PostPosted: Mon 19 Apr, 2021 6:50 pm
by AdventurousBean
Hi all,

I'm planning to to the Sunshine Coast Great Walk in a few weeks time, and I'm humming and harring what rating sleeping bag to get (new to multiday hiking, but not hiking in general). I've looked at the weather forecast for Flaxton, but I was wondering if there was anyone here that knows this walk/area well and if they could advise what rating they would suggest for early May, as I know temps can probably drop lower then the on the 10 day forecast. I'm thinking comfort of 4C limit of 1C should suffice, but I am a cold sleeper. Probably worth mentioning I will be using an insulated Nemo Tensor matt.

Any advice, as always is greatly appreciated.

Re: Sunshine Coast Hinterland Walk - May Conditions

PostPosted: Tue 20 Apr, 2021 8:17 am
by Champion_Munch
Hi Mr Bean,

I will be doing the same walk this coming weekend. I haven't done it before, but I did the Conondale GW in late April a couple of years ago, and will be using a similar sleeping system this time around for the SCGW.

Previously, I took a STS TK1 sleeping bag (5C comfort rating, 1C limit) on a S2S Ultralight Insulated mat (R-value 3.1). I'm also a cold sleeper, but was comfortable wearing just a synthetic shirt/shorts to bed with this. I did also bring thermals, a beanie and warm socks but found I didn't need them. From my notes, the local forecast at Kenilworth was for low to mid-teens overnight, but it would have been a little cooler up in the mountains.

Sounds like you should be fine, you can always bring some extra warm clothes to wear to bed in case it ends up a bit chillier than the forecast. Another option is to bring a silk liner and use that to add some warmth if needed.