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Mt Barney: Gwyalla and Burrajum peaks

PostPosted: Tue 02 Feb, 2021 8:38 am
by gbagua
Planning to go up Gwyalla via Upper Portals. Also Burrajum via Cronan creek.

Has anyone done any of these?

I'm also trying to figure out if Barney and Cronan creeks meet at one point so I can do a long rock hop and go up Burrajum coming from the UP side.

Another option would be doing both peaks but coming from Cronan Ck, ascend Burrajum then traverse to Gwyalla and drop down to the UP.

These are part of my summer walks as cooling off in creeks after climbing a mountain is always a welcome addition to hiking plus we are getting decent rainfall and Barney is lush at the moment. All very green and creeks overflowing with water (after my last visit to Yahmara Ck, Grace's Hut and UP two w/ends ago).

Any info would be helpful and much appreciated.

Re: Mt Barney: Gwyalla and Burrajum peaks

PostPosted: Tue 02 Feb, 2021 1:21 pm
by CBee
I can tell you that Croonan creek above the falls is challenging (at least for me), due massive amount of fallen trees and debris, making the going very slow either way (last year). It could be different now and all clean and fun.
Burrajum peak (few month ago) was a straightforward peak from Savage peak, but further down along the Spur, nightmarish. Unless you like extreme scrub and moving at the speed of 200m per hour. No views whatsoever from any point of the Spur and the ridges to the east are chocked with weeds and vines pretty much all the way to Croonan Creek. Not trying to paint a gloomy picture, you may enjoy this activity.
Also, both upper reaches of Barney creek and Croonan creek are very close, near the end of Barney Spur at the border with NSW, but don't meet, as the Spur separates the two creeks.

Re: Mt Barney: Gwyalla and Burrajum peaks

PostPosted: Wed 03 Feb, 2021 5:49 am
by gbagua
Thanks CBee. Not planning to do the Barney Spur at all. I know what's it's like. I like moving fast when I hike and enjoy the views.

My plan is to connect both peaks and dropping down to Barney ck.but coming down from the Croonan or going up Gwyalla then Burrajum and going down to Croonan ck (in this last case I'll be coming from the UP before ascending Gwyalla).

Option 3:

Going up Gwyalla from the UP and crossing over and down to Barney Ck via Barrabool Ck.

Do you have any data on this?

Logs and debris might be still present (as you mentioned) as Barney is still recovering from the last bushfires.

Where are the <b>falls</b> located in Croonan when looking at Gwyalla/Burrajum?