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Moreton island hiking

PostPosted: Fri 08 Jan, 2021 7:55 am
by gbagua
Hey guys,

Any advice/recommendations about hiking in this place plus ferry times and where to catch it.

Is it worth staying at the Tangalooma resort for an overnight trip? Not really keen on spending a night surrounded by sand abs being harassed by mozzies and sandflies.

My plan is to swim and snorkel to the wreck and also do a couple of day hikes.

Thanks in advance. :)

Re: Moreton island hiking

PostPosted: Fri 08 Jan, 2021 1:42 pm
by CBee
Moreton is the place of sand, sandflies (particularly on the western beaches in summer) and mozzies. Still better than staying in a resort, in particular Tangalooma (very average). If you don't have a 4X4 you are stuck in either Tangalooma or The Wreck campground, unless you hike.

The traverse of the little sandhills is IMO is one of the best hikes is SEQ but unfortunately is now closed to non aboriginal people. A good replacement could be the traverse of the big sandhills.

Mt. Tempest is a short walk from middle road to a 360 degrees viewing platform.

From Tangalooma resort, a short walk will take you to The Desert sand patch and from here you can walk all the way to Rous Battery on the Eastern Beach, via inland track and through WW2 historic sites. Well worth.

Another track is from Mt. Tempest to the north (Telegraph track).

The island can be hiked in a loop and there are few water points provided along the way to make things doable. The scenery is pretty good and if you are game to bring a little telescopic rod, you'll find plenty of worms and pipis on the beach to collect as bait to catch your own dinner. Camping spots are what I consider paradise. But then is just my opinion.

Re: Moreton island hiking

PostPosted: Fri 08 Jan, 2021 3:49 pm
by gbagua

So I found a general map: ... stination/

Additional Q.:

1. How far is the hike to the start of the Big Sandhills?

2. Is the Telegraph track the one that does some sort of loop at touches the Eastern coast of the island?

3. Is it possible to hire snorkeling equip. at the resort?

I hope I can manage to fit in everything in one w/end: two hikes + snorkeling at the wrecks.


Re: Moreton island hiking

PostPosted: Mon 11 Jan, 2021 9:08 pm
by Equivocator
1. ~14k (along the beach) from The Tangalooma Wrecks (MiCat Ferry drop zone) ~12km from the resort ferry (jetty).
2. No but you could link up a road and the Blue Lagoon Track to get to the Eastern Beach.
3. Only if you're a guest of the resort (last I heard, they're not very nice people)

Only official authorised visitors to Tangalooma Island Resort are allowed to access the tour provider, equipment hire, and booking services that are based at Tangalooma. Unauthorised casual visitors to Moreton Island are not permitted to use these facilities & services. See our Casual Visitor Policy for further information. ... shipwrecks
Looks like some things are also closed because of Covid.

Every few years they do something to annoy campers/boaties;

You can get a better quality (and recent) copy of the same map on the official National Park page; ... -resources
Or use QTopo;

Re: Moreton island hiking

PostPosted: Mon 18 Jan, 2021 6:54 pm
by flingebunt
If you stay at Tangalooma Resort you take their ferry, from Hamilton I believe, but if you take the Micat ferry, then you would take it from the Port of Brisbane.

You don't have to stay at Tangalooma or camp at the wrecks, there are places to stay in the townships, especially in Bulwer, which is an 8 km beach hike, which takes care of your day hike activities.

Re: Moreton island hiking

PostPosted: Wed 20 Jan, 2021 3:01 pm
by gbagua
Thanks again guys :)