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Queensland specific bushwalking discussion.

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Queensland specific bushwalking discussion. Please avoid publishing details of access to sensitive areas with no tracks.
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Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk - Parking

Wed 30 Sep, 2020 12:16 pm

Myself and a friend are booked in for the 4 day Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk soon. We were planning on leaving my car at the M4 carpark on Delicia Road and catching a taxi to Baroon Pocket Dam for the start of the hike. It was suggested we leave the car at Leafy Lane Trail Head carpark. This will mean we will walk 2 or 3 kms extra on our last day along tracks we have already walked and we need to drive back to Brisbane that same day. We don't mind if we have to do it this way but we were wondering what others have done. I know nothing is guaranteed but is either car park more safe than the other?

Re: Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk - Parking

Sat 03 Oct, 2020 8:55 pm

I walked from Thilba Thalba to Baroon Pocket on my last day, it was a really long day though. Then I drove home. The plan was Flaxton... but I got there 1pm so pushed on.

Car was at Barron the 2 nights without issue. I had planned to walk back over the bit I had done from the start. With the exception of the road sections, I don't mind going the other way, gives you a different perspective.

Re: Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk - Parking

Mon 14 Dec, 2020 3:19 pm

The safest place would be downtown Mapleton, which is in walking distance of the trailhead at Leafy Lane. If you leave your car in town, you just want to keep walking down Delicia Road to the town, which is a little less than walking to Leafy Lane.

In fact, if you are going on a weekday, you can take a bus to and from Mapleton. Or a bus to near the start of the walk at Baroon Pocket Dam. On Weekends there is no Mapleton Bus.

I think that your best bet is to leave your car at Baroon Pocket Dam and take a taxi from there. You are more likely to find a spot with a phone signal in that area to call a taxi or book an Uber than at the other end.
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