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Re: NSW Water Availability - Ongoing Thread

Mon 28 Jun, 2021 4:04 pm

Walk_fat boy_walk wrote:Necro'ing an old thread...

Any recent info on 100 Man Cave/Ti Willa Ck?


No recent intel but I'l be up there in a few weeks time (lockdown permitting).
Though Ive found water there even in very dry times by walking up Ti Willa Creek. (sometimes quite far up)

Has anyone got links to river gauges of other agencies? I have the BOM links saved ... Coxs_River

but I was under the impression there was some other gauges out there managed by other gov depts and there used to be data online. Or maybe im dreaming.. :)

Re: NSW Water Availability - Ongoing Thread

Wed 30 Jun, 2021 1:35 pm

To answer my own question about other sources of stream height data.

While searching I found.

It seems its a consolidation of all river and stream measurements available in NSW. Not sure if it has any more gauges than available on BOM however it has all the historical data so you can for example display and graph a custom time period. Quite useful if your planning a trip and unfamilar with the usual level of a stream or waterway and as a guide to how the waterway reacts to rainfall and floods etc.

Below is the height data for the last 3 months at Kelpie Point on the Cox River. There is nice map interface showing all the gauge locations. Nice work Water NSW!

kelpie point.png

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