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POLL: Decide the December Publicity Competition Winner

PostPosted: Tue 04 Jan, 2011 10:08 am
by Son of a Beach
With the December competition now closed, we need your help to decide the winner. Please vote for you favourite entry using this poll. The illustration included with each entry is included below for each option in the poll.

Just to remind you, the December Competition was :

Publish or display a recognisable version of the logo or URL in a way that is highly visible to either bushwalkers or by the general public, and which complies with the caveats below, then submit evidence (description and photo) of the publicity using the competition entry form.

The publicity must occur during December 2010, and the competition entry form must also be submitted during December 2010.


* The publicity MUST NOT cause visual polution to a wilderness area
* The publicity MUST NOT break any laws (eg, graffiti, litter)
* The publicity MUST NOT be done in a way that is offensive to bushwalkers or to the general public


1. Logo included on blog:


2. New dedicated facebook profile for


3. "Another pile of poo" poster on bush dunny.


4. Post on personal facebook page.


5. Post on facebook: ... started#!/

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