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January Competition: About the Overland Track

Sun 02 Jan, 2011 7:14 pm

Prize: "The Overland Track" book by Warwick Sprawson.

How to Enter:

Simply submit the competition entry form including a few words about the Overland Track. Anything about the track, or the book really. Entries must be received by the end of January, 2011.

Your entry could be an explanation of why you like the Overland Track, or why you would like "The Overland Track" book; or why you would like to walk the Overland Track; or write a poem about the Overland Track; or describe the most unusual or most interesting thing you saw while on the Overland Track; or what you would like to see or do while on the Overland Track; etc.

The best entry (the most interesting, amusing and/or creative, as judged by the moderation team) wins the competition.

About the Prize:

After 2 years and 3 Overland Track trips, Warwick Sprawson has published his book, "The Overland Track" including track notes, as well as notes about the flora and fauna that may be encountered on the track.

Click here for more information about the book.



Re: January Competition: About the Overland Track

Thu 03 Feb, 2011 10:52 am

Thank you to everybody who entered this competition.

Congratulations to 'Quoll' who has won the fabulous new bushwalking guide book, "The Overland Track".

Below is the winning entry.


My Favourite Memory...
My partner and I had been together for about 4 years, we'd survived the overseas travel test and were thinking seriously about getting married when I threw up the idea of a Tassie holiday which then developed into walking the Overland Track.

Now don't get me wrong - she loves bushwalking and doesn't mind camping out for one night, maybe even two, but walking the track was an idea that filled her with some trepidation. She took it on though - borrowed a larger pack from a friend, helped plan the food, arranged the flights and a post-walk stay in Hobart and started some training.

We set out from Dove Lake on New Years Day 2003 - it had snowed at Kitchen Hut the week before but the weather was magnificant and stayed like that most of the way.
Second last day her 'well-worn' and very comfortable Rossi boots started falling apart - no problems, out came the duct tape and as good as new and she finished that day in style with some lovely silver racing stripes holding the soles on.

Overnight the weather gods decided we had it too easy and we woke up during the night to the sound of wind and rain. It was a god-awful day that just worsened. The temperature dropped and the rain and hail came in sideways to get under our hoods. We ploughed on and unfortunately we discovered that mud is stronger than duct tape and the boots departed company with their soles.
What to do now - only a few km's to the Lake and we planned on taking the boat in any case. My chivalary was turned aside - "I'm not wearing your boots" she said, I'll wear my Teva's"
She finished the walk wearing two pairs of socks and sandals. She is now my darling wife who willing accompanies me out on walks saying, "well it can't be any tougher than that last day on the track". My favourite photo on my desk at work is of her, on that last day, walking through shin deep water, gortex, pack, and teva's on and laughing. Is there any wonder why I married her!

Re: January Competition: About the Overland Track

Sun 13 Mar, 2011 9:29 pm

that's beautiful.
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