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Mt Field West

PostPosted: Sun 04 Jul, 2021 9:00 pm
by kestert
Thoughts on doing Mt Field West around this time of year?

I'm thinking of going in a week or two (assuming weather is okay).

Looking at Sunrise/sunset times I think I can get there and start a bit before sunrise and even if I am slow should be, worst case scenario, back on the tarn shelf track well before it gets dark.

I will obviously pack for potential snowy weather, and shouldn't have a problem with navigation, track quality etc.

Sound okay or totally crazy?

Re: Mt Field West

PostPosted: Mon 05 Jul, 2021 4:58 am
If your fit enough that's perfectly fine. In my peak I did it in around 5hrs return.

Re: Mt Field West

PostPosted: Mon 05 Jul, 2021 7:50 am
by north-north-west
As long as you can deal with the icy patches and possible remaining snow. There will be a fair bit of ice on the climb up to the Rodway Range, and also between Clemes and the plateau. It's great in winter; fewer people to dodge.

Re: Mt Field West

PostPosted: Mon 05 Jul, 2021 1:58 pm
by Azza
Check the snowcam out before you go...!prettyPhoto
A couple of weeks time is getting into the middle of winter, although there hasn't been much snow accumulation yet.
There could be no snow / some snow / or backcountry skiing.
Usually we don't get to ski tour until more into August/Sept (if at all), but it could be a consideration - deep snow / icy where you would struggle without snowshoes or spikes etc.
Also keep in mind if the track is under half a metre of snow your only going to have a few snow poles to find your way.

Chances are there won't be much in the way of snow and it'll be fairly straight forward, but keep in mind it's a significantly harder undertaking in the snow pot holing the all way there and back.
I keep wanting to ski tour out to Field West, but we usually get out to the Tarn Shelf and the downhill runs from the top of the Rodway are too tempting and we end up playing around there.

It's unlikely to be like this, but it does happen.... but probably not this year or in the next couple of weeks the way things are going.