Ottie Merino Thermals - Pre-Order Now (15% Off)

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Ottie Merino Thermals - Pre-Order Now (15% Off)

Postby paul_hianz » Tue 24 May, 2022 8:57 pm

Hi Bushwalkers,

Bit of an update. Our thermals have dropped!

We've opened them up to pre-order and they'll ship late June/early July in time for that winter ski trip or early spring hike.

So, why are we doing thermals? Our customers asked them them. Ottie Merino is a customer-driven brand. As ya'll know, I'm a hiker - I've been hiking for 20 odd years - but I wasn't just doing to rely on what I wanted, or thought was right. Our original lightweight merino tees were a product of listening to Aussie hikers and figuring our what they wanted. They wanted relaxed fit, they wanted a bit of extra length, and women in particular wanted neutral rather 'girly' colours and cuts. We surveyed thousands of hikers over at the Hiking in Australia and New Zealand FB group.

Same with our thermals. People asked for us to continue with the long cut (for easy tucking and to ward off cold kidneys) but to go a more base layer cut. We went a nice middle-of-the-road weight with a 200gsm merino/elastane blend. Our thermal bottoms have a couple of externally sewn pockets. Why? Because pants without pockets suck. But, no pockets sucks about us much as internally sewn pockets in a garment that is meant to be worn close to the skin - you end up with bunched up pockets against your leg and the stuff in them digging in.

So, that's a bit of the story. Feel free to hit me up with questions below.

As for the 15% off. Use the coupon BUSHWALK22 at checkout.

Cheers, Paul
Chief Merino Thermal Tester
Mostly a day hiker who's done more multi-days in NZ than in Aus. When not hiking I'm making merino gear at Ottie Merino.
Nothofagus gunnii
Nothofagus gunnii
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Re: Ottie Merino Thermals - Pre-Order Now (15% Off)

Postby Son of a Beach » Thu 26 May, 2022 10:59 am

I desperately need new woolly thermals. I can't stand the plastic ones, and my old NZ merino leggings have been nearly-dead for a long time.

I've placed a pre-order. Looking forward to trying them out on a winter walk!
Son of a Beach
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Lagarostrobos franklinii
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