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Update from Ottie Merino / Merino Undies + Free Socks Offer!

PostPosted: Thu 24 Mar, 2022 2:28 pm
by paul_hianz
Hi All,

Hope you've been well and getting out there on the track.

We've been super busy at Ottie Merino now that Australia and the world has opened up and people are heading off on those big hikes. We've also been busy with new product development.

Aussie Made Merino Undies - They're now available! Made in Melbourne, we have a women's brief and men's boxer (to be sure, they're unisex - wear whichever you prefer). We opted for a merino, TENCELâ„¢, nylon, and elastane blend to get the most of ALL worlds. The obvious merino performance stuff that we all know and love about merino, and stretchiness and durability. These things won't dry as quick as a 100% merino garment (they dry freakin' quick though) but, unlike pure wool undies, or undies with say 80-90% merino, they won't wear through as quickly. I'm wearing protos we produced middle of last year every day of the week and they're still as good as new. (And without the crunchiness you get with cotton in that amount of time... too much info?)

Check out the merino briefs and merino boxers.

Free Sock Offer - We've teamed up with our mates Humphrey Law to offer a pair of their fab 61C merino wool hiking socks as a gift whenever you spend over $175. We partnered with Humphrey Law because I've been wearing a couple of pairs of 61Cs as my 'boot' socks for a couple of years now and swear by them, and they're made in Melbourne, and they're Ethical Clothing Australia accredited, just like us. Match made in a merino sheep paddock, don't you think?

Shop here:

Bonus News - We're working on thermals at the moment. A beautiful 220gsm top (in men's and women's fits) and a 220gsm thermal bottom that've been designed having consulted hundreds of hikers and skiers as to what they're looking for in the perfect set of thermals. We're pretty confident we've nailed the brief and can't wait to share. Hope onto the mailing list over at to be the first to know when they're available. :)

Cheers, Paul
Chief Merino Wearier - Ottie Merino

Re: Update from Ottie Merino / Merino Undies + Free Socks Of

PostPosted: Mon 28 Mar, 2022 11:22 am
by paul_hianz
Had someone ask about size chart for the undies. Here it is: