Custom Ultralight Down Quilts

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Custom Ultralight Down Quilts

Postby orionbarth » Wed 15 Sep, 2021 3:53 pm

Hey everyone, I'm new around here but I've been bushwalking for a good number of years and have recently been enjoying making my own gear, some of which are ultralight down quilts. Since I enjoy making them so much I figured I should see if anyone would be interested in them as I've been making some for friends and family.

Main design:
- Tapered quilt with completely customisable height, footbox width, hip width, shoulder width and neck width.
- All quilts have a differential cut (where outer layer is wider than inner layer which leads to less down compression and less down movement)
- Fully insulated footbox, fully baffled, not sewn through (doesn't let heat escape)
- Draft Collar helps keep cold out and makes neck cord more comfortable
- Baffles are horizontal on top of quilt and are vertical on bottom, less down movement as down cant move to the sides when sleeping and cant move vertically
- Pad attachment system, clips are not directly on the side of the quilt but a bit further out which lets more of the quilt sit under you when attached to the pad leaving less gaps when shuffling around
- Elastic on opening of quilt, helps keep the sides underneath when sleeping for less drafts but still allows them to stretch if needed
- Buttons on top are comfortable and easy to use and hold the quilt together well whilst not being intrusive.
- Over stuffed footbox for extra warmth where its most needed
- 950 FP down is used in every quilt, is RDS (Responsibly sourced)
- 10D fabric is used on both inner and outer (23 grams per square metre)

A -4*C Quilt with 370 grams of down. Weight of 550g:




5 (2).jpg

A -6*C Quilt with 405g of down + 20 grams of overfill. Weighing 606g:


Both of these quilts are the same specs:
- Height: 188
- Neck width: 106
- Shoulder width: 132
- Hip width: 118
- Footbox width: 106

I find these sizes suit me perfectly at 6'1" 80kg however I'm not particularly broad but more lean. Size 11 feet
It is generally recommended you get a quilt slightly larger than you may need (+5cm or so) as its the best defence against drafts. It is recommended to go with an additional 20cm more than your shoulder width for the correct size quilt

- Prices: Quilts start at $450 for a 0*C quilt with the above specs
- Quilts can range from 0*C to -10*C with a cost of an additional $8 per degree (for a -10*C it would cost $530)
- Smaller sizes will be slightly cheaper and larger may be slightly more expensive but not much of a difference
- Overfill can be purchased at $5 per 10g (10-20g at most as quilts are already very well filled)

These quilts are very well filled considering their specs and should be easily comfortable to their temperature ratings, however it is assumed that you have a well insulated sleeping pad and are wearing thermals as is standard.

- Each quilt will come with pad attachment straps and a stuff sack to suit the quilt
- Shipping is $15 Australia Wide
- 10% deposit to confirm order

I have a few colour choices available but just ask me when sending a message
If you want a quilt asap, I have a few already made in the same specs as above

Thanks for reading this far, if you would like a custom made quilt or want something similar, either send me an email at or send me a private message here
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