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Ottie Merino - Pre-Orders Open

PostPosted: Sun 02 Aug, 2020 12:26 pm
by paul_hianz
That's right, folks. We're open for pre-orders. Buy now, your t-shirt will ship the week of 14 September*.

Made in Australia (Melbourne, in fact). 100% merino wool. Relaxed fit. Designed by hikers (well me, with awesome feedback from the community over at Hiking in Australia and New Zealand) for hikers. Our short-sleeve is priced at $85. That’s the everyday price. We’re not interested in playing the ‘price high, discount hard and often’ game which is so common in the outdoor gear industry. We’ve set a price that isn’t through the roof, but that allows us to use a reputable, ethically accredited manufacturer, to source top-quality Aussie wool, and to run a sustainable business.

For those of you who have already made a purchase—I know a few of you have—, thank you so much! In order to kick off the first run we really need to secure 120 orders by the end of next week. And, we’re cracking towards that at a steady pace!

Any questions, feel free to comment here or over at the group.

* That's provided COVID doesn't have other plans.