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I just bought a new.....

Tue 29 Jan, 2008 7:05 pm

Seen this done on other forums and it works well. One integrated thread about new photography purchases. From cleaning cloths to full slr kits let us know whats exciting in your camera bag this week.

Ill start off with:
one of these:
I got a 2nd hand lensbaby 2.0 off another forum. Been keeping an eye out for one of these for ages. Look like barrels of fun and I got mine for a song.

Although on the day I buy it nikon go and announce this: ... rpce24.asp

guessing it will be out of my toy budgets pricerange though :D
Cant wait till the lens baby arrives and i can have a play though. Need sommat to get creative juices flowing. Seems like the only photos ive taken lately have been paid assignments.

Re: I just bought a new.....

Fri 14 Mar, 2008 9:09 pm

Cmon surely im not the only one here with lens lust. I heard wisperings from mr walkintas a while back...have you bit the bullet yet?

Well to continue my camera gear buying saga just got one of these:

Nikon D80

I have been debating the need for 10mpx for a wihle..and I had decided it wasnt worth while...i can print up to *&%$#! big sizes with my 6mpx D50 without any dramas. Have done 20x24" Canvas prints for clients recently off 6mpx JPG and it looked sharp as a tack. Then I saw how cheap I could get D80 and decided screw it...why not :)

Then I thought poor old D80 will be lonely without some new glass to keep it I splurged and got one of these:

Nikkor 18-200mm VR sit on it. Been wanting this lens for fair while for its all in one versatility. Used correctly it seems to be a cracker of a lens.

To justify this I sold my old 18-55mm lens, 18-70mm lens, 70-300mm lens and my D70 body. And a water heater :)
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