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Hiking with a film camera :)

Mon 02 Aug, 2021 7:58 pm

Hey all,

Are there any other film photographers on here?

I'm planning to start taking my Olympus OM10 hiking with me - and before the UL hikers get going, it only weighs 650g!

Any tips on your favourite film, film storage, other film tips would be great :)

I currently have a Cotton Carrier sling, and can get an attachment for my pack. I like to use Ilford HP5 or FP+ or Tmax if I need something faster.


Re: Hiking with a film camera :)

Mon 02 Aug, 2021 9:17 pm

I take my Pentax Spotmatic hiking - and it's taken some pretty spectacular photos! My go to films are kodak ektar 100 and portra 160/400 and I usually shoot on a wide angle (28mm) and a 55mm.
I don't really do anything in particular with my film storage, it just gets left in the canister and then chucked in the large ziplock bag I keep my camera in.
WAT film


Re: Hiking with a film camera :)

Tue 03 Aug, 2021 6:27 am

Nice one Harry!

I'd love a 28mm lens, but the Olympus OM 28mm is so $$$. Currently I've got a 50mm f1.8 which is awesome.

Hoping to take it on its maiden hike next week if life and weather permit.

How do you decide which film for which conditions? I'm partial to a slower film, but don't want to be getting the tripod out for every shot if it's overcast, so I'm thinking slower film if it's going to be sunny, maybe a 400 in darker weather...

Re: Hiking with a film camera :)

Tue 03 Aug, 2021 3:57 pm

The vast majority of the time I use 400, but that's because I don't take a tripod with me & I like the versatility it offers, as I find it copes well with low light and portra doesn't mind getting a touch more light. That being said I have had some great experiences with 100 and 200 speed, especially in the summer, cos they let me open up the aperture.
As for choosing film to fit the conditions, Spring ski touring and summer hiking is the perfect time to take some lower speed film and experiment, just keep in mind you could have difficulty with early morning and late evening pics
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