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Compare RX100 VI, TZ110 and TZ200

Tue 26 Jun, 2018 10:41 am

Sony RX100 VI, Lumix TZ110 and TZ200 (alternatively labelled ZS110/TS100 and ZS200) are the three long zooms in the 1" pocket camera world, perfect for many of our outdoors/bushwalk needs. DPReview has just came out with a comparison of the three and as most would suspect, RX100 VI being the newest model, has the competition beat by a little margin on the technical side. so it really comes down to value given it costs 50+% more, virtually the cost of a full APS-C or full frame mirrorless. It really is a case of how much disposable money Sony can extract out of consumers through a tiny technical margin. ... for-travel
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