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Fujifilm XPro2

Thu 28 Jan, 2016 7:43 pm

Fuji released its XPro1 way back in 2012, and since then the camera has recieved many firmware updates from Fuji, improving the performance and utility. As with any camera, technology improves and Fujifilm has embodied many improvements in the new XPro2 but keeping the camera size and shape and OVF/EVF functions in the same vein as the original.


XPro2: ... ons-review

Here is a comparison site between the two cameras:

Core differences are significant as we might expect. The new camera has major improvements:

24Mp Sensor
273 focus points (77 on XPro1)
Dioptre adjustment (required eyepiece lens changes on XP1)
Higher res display and VF.
Dual SD Card slots.
Faster processor.

Also in the pipeline is the X-T2 to replace the X-T1, probably to pick up many of these improvements. Due in the second half of 2016.

Re: Fujifilm XPro2

Sun 07 Feb, 2016 5:21 pm

The Xpro 1 body for just over $500 looks a bargain.


Re: Fujifilm XPro2

Sun 07 Feb, 2016 9:27 pm

Definitely a bargain compared to what I paid for mine, $1697 (plus lenses)

Pre Ordered 10/1/2012 and shipped on 27/3/2012

Mind you, it's had a lot of use since then, and a lot of free upgrades via firmware.

Re: Fujifilm XPro2

Mon 08 Feb, 2016 3:46 pm

X-Pro2 release has been delayed till early march because of production issues and large worldwide pre order demand.

Not my fault! :)

Re: Fujifilm XPro2

Mon 15 Feb, 2016 7:13 pm

The XPro 2 certainly looks like it will be a great camera but I was a bit stunned at the cost. I guess our weak dollar doesn't help.

I can't see myself stretching that far.

I do like my X100. What is the XPro 1 like with the firmware updates? How good is the auto focus?


Re: Fujifilm XPro2

Mon 15 Feb, 2016 10:55 pm

cjhfield wrote:What is the XPro 1 like with the firmware updates? How good is the auto focus?

It has improved heaps with firmware updates. Despite it being a new from scratch rangefinder style camera at release, it was a bit short on maturity, features, usability and speed. Firmware at release was v1.00 and the latest release is now up to v3.5 in late 2015. History here: ... story.html The XPro-1 is in the same league as the X100 in terms of speed AFAIK. Focus speed is ok, but nothing to write home about. Low light is a challenge for it. If you're looking for a sports shooting camera look elsewhere.

I still like my X-Pro1 but I find I use the X-T1 more often. Speed, even more on-camera controls, built-in interval timer, etc. Both spit out great images when I have my act together. There's a comparison between the X-Pro1 and the X-T1 and X-E2 here:

It's a pity about the X-Pro2 pricing, but a fair bit of it it the rubbish exchange rate. ho hum...
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