It's worth checking the Garmin InReach invoices

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It's worth checking the Garmin InReach invoices

Postby ssorc » Wed 10 Mar, 2021 9:06 am

Hi all.

Posting this in case it helps other people.

I am on an annual Recreation subscription for my Garmin InReach mini. This should include 40 free messages per month ( Reviewing my last few invoices, I discovered that I have been charged for all text messages, even though I hadn't used my free limit of 40. I queried this with Garmin who (to their credit, promptly) acknowledged the invoicing error and credited my account.

So, if you are an InReach user, it's definitely worth paying attention to your invoice for billing errors like this.
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Re: It's worth checking the Garmin InReach invoices

Postby Baeng72 » Wed 10 Mar, 2021 10:44 am

They do seem to have issues with their invoicing. I'm on a 'Freedom' plan I think. I can enable it from month to month as I don't need it some parts of the year.
During Lockdown 2 here in Melbourne, I'd disabled the service, but got an invoice for the most expensive options. I queried this, and they acknowledged their stuff up, and I didn't have to pay.
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