Spot 2 messenger - autorenewal options

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Spot 2 messenger - autorenewal options

Postby portlester » Wed 01 Jul, 2020 5:02 pm

Hi everyone

Thought this may be useful for someone ...

My Spot 2 is up for renewal and, not being overly keen to pay the almost US $200 annual renewal fee, I decided to cancel it. I really haven't been using it enough to justify the price, particularly as it is an older model and newer models (as well as the Garmin inReach) offer the ability to suspend the subscription and only pay when you need it. Initially I had hoped that Spot was now offering monthly subscription for the Spot 2, however there was nothing on their website or in my account details for this model.

When I called Spot to cancel my renewal, halfway through the process I said that I would have continued with the renewal if they offered a monthly option for the Spot 2 and was told that they could do this.

So the good news is that I now have a monthly subscription for the Spot 2. The bad news is that it looks like I won't be getting my hands on an inReach mini, which I had started to dream about :lol:

Maybe there are so few Spot 2's going around now that they don't see a need to mention it on their website, or maybe I missed the info there. I also couldn't find any up to date info for Spot 2 renewals on any of the forums, so hopefully the above info may save someone a few dollars.
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