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Re: Pot size for two people

PostPosted: Thu 16 Jul, 2020 2:12 pm
by flingebunt
My 2 cents worth on this discussion is

- For a freeze dried backpacker meal, you typically need 500 ml. So for one person you need something a little bigger than 500 ml. If you want a cup of soup/tea/coffee with your meal in one boil, you will need 750 ml, so something a little bigger than 750 ml is good for that.
- For things like noodles, mashed potatoes, oats and couscous, you need less than 500 ml to hydrate those, which means a pot of around 500 ml is perfect.

So for 2 people, basically double that. A great sized pot is 1.1 litres, which is big enough you can often put it around the end of your sleeping bag or sleep pad to save space in your pack. So it is small enough for 1, big enough for 2 people. The 900 ml can work, but may not be enough for some meals.

Some people have something bigger, which means that they can make soup/coffee/tea and hydrate/cook their meals at the same time. Which would be the 1.6 litre pots.