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Two Piece Pitch,

Fri 06 May, 2022 3:36 pm

After more than 20 years of tunnel tents I've finally bought my first two piece pitch tent ( Mont Moondance ).
Being a creature of habit I'm still wondering if I've done the right thing although I must say I had it up in the back yard last night when Hobart copped a storm of biblical proportions and was amazed to discover it was still dry as a bone inside this morning....impressed !!

I'm sure experience will be the best teacher but just wondering what tricks users of tents like this might have to get them up and down in crap weather without the inner getting soaked in the process ?

This tent seems to have a lot of little placky, clippy bits and pieces too. Hopefully they are more durable than they look........

Re: Two Piece Pitch,

Fri 06 May, 2022 3:53 pm

Afraid I can't help with any tips. Speed is probably your only bonus here.

The clips are indeed durable though.

Re: Two Piece Pitch,

Fri 06 May, 2022 4:04 pm

The crap-weather-when-pitching(-or-packing-up) thing was why I went to integral pitch. But, from memory:

Make sure all the bits are easily accessible but can be kept dry until needed. Pegs in pocket. Put the poles together first (and make sure you don't tread on them). Minimal pegging until the fly is on. Practice in good weather to build up speed and efficiency.
Some inner-first tents you can make minor modifications to pitch the fly over the poles and then fit the inner; sometimes all that's needed is some string of the right length, with loops, to hold the poles in the right position (this works best with dome tents). I did it with the Salewa and it was a smooth operation once I got used to the routine.

Good luck.

Re: Two Piece Pitch,

Fri 06 May, 2022 7:41 pm

I have lots of bushwalking friends with non-integral pitch tents, including the Moondance. Reality is, it's very, very rare that we've had to actually pitch in more than a drizzle. Our preference for working around decent forecasts probably helps this. And we may have held off pitching (and definitely packing up) at times to wait out a downpour. I don't recall them ever having a problem.

With my integral pitch tents, I sometimes get a bit of water inside by packing up the inner and wet fly together. A little piece of Wettex takes care of this next time I pitch. With a dodgy elbow, short arms and arthritic hands, reattaching the inner is much more of a challenge.

These days, with the said arthritic hands, I can't use tents that use clips like the Goondies and Moondances. That's the bottom line for me now.
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