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How to get a good Notch Li pitch?

Sat 18 Sep, 2021 9:25 am

I'm the first to admit that my pitching skills are not the greatest.

Tarptent's set-up video makes it look easy to get the pitch-loc ends to do the right thing. "Tighten the upper guy line to ensure that the struts are fully spread, and then the lower guy line for a tight xxx edge." I can't catch the word, but I think she means the edge of the fly.

I tried on a perfect piece of flat grass, but when I let go of the top of the pitch-loc end, having tightened that guy line, the two bases, that were supposed to stay fully spread, would always creep inwards. I think that's why I can't get a tight edge on the fly. It'll flap in the breeze, even on a perfect tent site, let alone some others I have in mind. I tried all sorts of tweaks with the height of the fly etc, but with no success.

This issue also reduces the width of the already narrow inner ends. I know I can stuff things inside to help keep the corners out, but if the official video shows it's possible to get it right, I suspect it is.

I'm also confused by how the poles should sit. In videos I've seen, they looked more vertical than I could get mine. Mine slope inwards quite a bit. I can't see an alternative, as the floor of the inner is significantly wider than the roofline between the grommets for the pole tips. But it's that's because I haven't tried the fly at full height yet, as I want a lower pitch. So I'll have to have a bigger angle on the pole.

Also, according to the packing slip, the two separate little pocketty things are pole tip extenders. Does anyone know if there's a video anywhere that shows how to use them? :oops:

Thank for your help. The initial excitement bubble burst, but I'm hanging onto your assurance, Zapruda, that it's an excellent tent. I'm sure it's possible to get it working better.

Re: How to get a good Notch Li pitch?

Sat 18 Sep, 2021 12:29 pm

Hi Tortoise,
OK I'm getting bored in lockdown. It does look like a great tent. I've never owned a Notch Li or any other tarptent (but have been tempted on occasion).
Having recently bought a Dan Durston X-Mid 1, which has a different setup, I'm not qualified to give advice but I did find out the following.

I don't know if it will help but there seems to be two official Tarptent setup videos for the Notch Li.

This one, which looks to be the one you're referring to. I think in this she says "tight hem edge".

I also found this one on their web site, which makes it look easy. It has subtitles but there is no dialogue. Have you seen this one?

p.s. If I'm reading correctly Tarptent pole tip extenders are aluminium sleeves? Can you post a photo?

Re: How to get a good Notch Li pitch?

Sat 18 Sep, 2021 12:54 pm

Thanks, John. I appreciate your constructive use of boredom!

Embarrassing confession number 1. The pole extenders, which I knew would look something like that, I mistook for pole repair sleeves. :oops: In my defence, there are a lot of decades that I've been carrying pole repair sleeves that look like that. (I got 2 dedicated poles as insurance.) And my mental processing and memory have large glitches. :roll:

So the little pocketty things aren't listed on the packing slip. I'll get a photo loaded when I can. The pole extenders fit into them, an are probably something to do with attaching them to/near the grommet. Can't work out how, though.

I've had a thought about the pitch-loc ends. If I pulled out the second end a bit too tight, that might cause the lower bits to pull in.

I had watched that second video before, but not since I got mine. He gets a nice tight hem.

Re: How to get a good Notch Li pitch?

Sun 19 Sep, 2021 9:26 am

Are the pockety things trekking pole handle adapters?

Do they have an attached cord for threading through the grommet? The tarp tent shows how the adapters are attached to the grommets using the cord. ... e-adapter/

Re: How to get a good Notch Li pitch?

Sun 19 Sep, 2021 12:26 pm

Joynz wrote:Are the pockety things trekking pole handle adapters?

Thanks for checking, Joynz. No, the pole handle adapters are different. I haven't seen these things on the website at all. Doesn't mean they're not there though... I must find my microSD adapter so I can download/upload a photo of them.

Re: How to get a good Notch Li pitch?

Sun 19 Sep, 2021 2:55 pm

Here is how I pitch mine. I get a tight pitch 99% of the time. Occasionally, on uneven ground or in tussock, It can get a little distorted.

1. Stake one end out.
2. Pull other end until the tent is straight.
3. Relax the end by 15cm and stake. This is an important step. Always stake the ends with a bit of slack in the middle.
4. Inset trekking poles tip side up at 110cm and then peg vestibule.
5. Do the same on the opposite side.
6. Tighten vestibules and pitchloc ends.
7. Attach inner pulls to trekking poles.
8. Raise poles a centimetre or two.

I apply pressure to the pitchloc ends when tightening them.

I generally aim for a very slight dip between apex points.

I remember it took me a few pitches to get it right.

Re: How to get a good Notch Li pitch?

Sun 19 Sep, 2021 4:37 pm

A common mistake people make with trekking pole supported tents , including the mids, is not to get the base of the tent set up correctly.
For example with the Notch is not having the two PitchLoc corners set up so that the base line formed by the two struts are parallel to each other.

This is a very rough drawing but I hope it illustrates the point.
This is common with the SS 2/Li.
When set up correctly it should look like this :

if the opposite sides of the hexagonal shape are not parallel to each other, two or more panels will be limp.
They don't need to be out by much to make the difference.

Re: How to get a good Notch Li pitch?

Sun 19 Sep, 2021 9:38 pm

Thanks, Zapruda & Franco. I hoped you'd both chip in your thoughts. I'll have another go tomorrow. :)

Re: How to get a good Notch Li pitch?

Sat 25 Sep, 2021 2:33 pm

Here's some pics of the black pocket-y things, that do fit over the pole tip extenders. But they might be nothing to do with them.
I haven't quite worked out how to use the pole tip extenders either, should I ever need to.

Thanks again for your advice. :)

Re: How to get a good Notch Li pitch?

Sat 25 Sep, 2021 5:31 pm

Maybe that's how you attach the pole tip extenders?? Tie cord through the loop on the end and through the grommet for the normal pole tips?

Re: How to get a good Notch Li pitch?

Fri 08 Oct, 2021 3:49 pm

How did you get on Tortoise?
How long until your big trip now?

Re: How to get a good Notch Li pitch?

Fri 08 Oct, 2021 5:42 pm

Ms_Mudd wrote:How did you get on Tortoise?
How long until your big trip now?

Hey there, Muddy! Most important thing first: 28 sleeps, weather, health, Covid etc etc allowing. :D :? Eek!

First outing with my Notch was I guess mainly positive, given the sheltered, low level campsite. I couldn't get the pitchloc ends to sit nice and parallel like Franco's pic. It was on a tent platform, and they kept sliding on the wet wood, and wouldn't stay where I put them. Normally I'd have some trouble guessing what exactly parallel would be, without being able to see the other end. But on the platform I had the nicely parallel platform slats to line them up with. They just wouldn't stay there when I tightened the upper guy line (of the triangle). So the hem wasn't taut.

And, though I tried to get it lower, the bottom of the fly was waaaay up in the air, making it tricky to boil the billy safely when it was raining. I used a few things as well as my windbreak, but I was thankful I wasn't anywhere high and exposed.

We're planning on camping low with a massive day walk for the Big One, so it should be OK even if I haven't made more progress.

I bought a new pack yesterday too. Not sure if I did the right thing with the Arial Pro 65 (which is only 62 with the XS harness). Felt better loaded up in the shop than on it's first training walk...

Re: How to get a good Notch Li pitch?

Fri 08 Oct, 2021 7:25 pm

So much exciting prep going on! Not that many more sleeps, can't wait to hear all about the trip.

I found the pitchlocks on my TT Moment both a blessing and a curse, I am pretty unco though. I am glad that your maiden voyage was mostly positive. Good news for you.

Congrats on the new pack, I think they are lovely looking packs. Hope you find a comfy way to load it out. I guess the people in the shop are adept at packing favourably. I have had good experiences with Ospreys, I hope your flash new pack ends up being a similarly good experience.

Re: How to get a good Notch Li pitch?

Sat 06 Nov, 2021 4:16 pm

I wish I'd set my notch up recently enough to have better info, but I do recall finding that if I tried to set it too tight to begin with, it was more difficult. If I started with lots of room to tighten, it was much easier. Mine is one of the early ones, so it will be a little different, but not much I'd think. My biggest problem was setting it up so tight that I was worried about the zips, and if I started too tight, it would easily get all out of sorts and distorted. I'm guessing though that the silnylon is a little more forgiving in that regard.
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