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TIP: The online Bushwalk Inventory System can help bushwalkers with a variety of bushwalk planning tasks, including: Manage which items they take bushwalking so that they do not forget anything they might need, plan meals for their walks, and automatically compile food/fuel shopping lists (lists of consumables) required to make and cook the meals for each walk. It is particularly useful for planning for groups who share food or other items, but is also useful for individual walkers.
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Evan is making sleeping bags

Thu 02 Sep, 2021 10:20 pm

Facebook notice TerraRosa is making synthetic sleeping bags with a Centre front zip.
At last a better design is out there.
Not that I need a new sleeping bag but if he makes an XXL one to use as a deep winter overbag I'm in.

Re: Evan is making sleeping bags

Thu 02 Sep, 2021 11:16 pm

It looks like last years lockdown meant he got busy designing. It looks cosy and I like the concept of being able to cool, eat etc while still wearing it.
Really happy with my purchases from him in the past, really nice fella to interact with.

Re: Evan is making sleeping bags

Tue 28 Sep, 2021 10:07 pm

Making half bags too now but 1200 is way too short, 1350 better and 1500 much better again. I think basically he's starting to make clones of the stuff that was available from Nunatak.
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