Mont Supersonic Pants, or other serious winter options?

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Mont Supersonic Pants, or other serious winter options?

Postby headwerkn » Mon 29 Jun, 2020 10:23 pm

Hi all,

Anyone got any experience with the Mont Supersonic Pants? -> ... rpants-men
Specifically how they go in non-snow winter hiking in damp bush and mud?

Long story short, I'm tired of shredding thin overpants in scrub, they breathe like crap (ie. they don't) and usually result in my legs/pants ending up as damp as they would otherwise (albeit warmer). With hopefully a good 2-3 months of winter missions ahead and fingers crossed much snow, I'm thinking it's time to get some 'proper' winter hiking pants.

Currently it's a bit of a toss up between the Mont Supersonic and their cheaper cousin the Austral. Fair price difference between the two, obviously, with the latter feeling still like an overpant that needs to go over regular pants, whereas the Supersonics feel burly enough that one could don thick fleece pants/longjohns underneath for the best combination of wicking, insulation and all-round flexibility when climbing rock etc. I really like the full length zips that would allow options for venting when it's not quite as cold eg. walking through sheltered bush.

I am open to other options/brands if anyone has any suggestions?

Cheers, Ben.
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Re: Mont Supersonic Pants, or other serious winter options?

Postby wildwanderer » Tue 30 Jun, 2020 8:31 am

Have you checked out ... ser-192293?

I've been surprised to find decathlon gear to be high quality and very good value. Worth investigating.
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Re: Mont Supersonic Pants, or other serious winter options?

Postby slparker » Tue 30 Jun, 2020 9:32 am

On the same website (Mont) you'll see that they sell Outdoor Research Cirque pants - a tough non-membrane softshell pant that I use in cold weather scrub, snowshoeing etc. They survived bashing through the scoparia up on Ben Lomond in Tassy a few times. I got a pair when amazon and the dollar conspired to make these kinds of purchases reasonable but even at $200 they're half the price of the waterproof ones and I would say that they are at least as tough or tougher.

Having no membrane they are not waterproof so breathe well, too. They are stretchy, have no 'fluff' in them - very comfortable to walk in and even have a built in 'gaiter' hook on the front of the cuff. They have a wide temperature range and are tolerable in the sun up into the low 20s; they are sized slighly small, though.

Either these or any nylon softshell style trousers with no membrane might serve you better than waterproof pants - depending on what your priority is.
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Re: Mont Supersonic Pants, or other serious winter options?

Postby Tino B » Tue 30 Jun, 2020 9:53 pm

The last few years I have been wearing Montane Ajax Gore-tex 3L overpants when I go to Tassie or ski touring. I usually wear light thermals or 3/4 compression underneath. I bought them at Backpacking Light in Melbourne on a very good deal.

I love them for scrub and off track or early morning on track when brushing past wet foliage. Main consideration is full length/ 3/4, 2 way zips for venting.

Mont Supersonic range is top notch gear and you won’t be sorry if you’re happy to spend the money - you missed their sale unfortunately.

I have light Montbell GT 2L for backup pants in more benign conditions, but too much scrub and they wet out - not durable enough for rough treatment.
Tino B
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Re: Mont Supersonic Pants, or other serious winter options?

Postby Lamont » Tue 30 Jun, 2020 10:10 pm

Would these fit the bill?
I have a pair and did not wet out in scrub rubbbing nor rain on NZ. Only app. 50 hours use though but they worked.
Can try them whilst at Backpackinglight in Melb. Looking at the Montanes. ... overpants/
Anyone else tried them?
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