One Planet Rain Jackets & Overpants

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Re: One Planet Rain Jackets & Overpants

Postby Lamont » Mon 15 Jun, 2020 5:41 pm

Just something to think about Rockyw- I believe only the One Planet is made in Oz. The other is not, last I checked.
Also One Planet moved to a new 3 layer laminate-'Synapse' -also made here in Sydney last I heard. I think you may need someone with a new Synapse jacket to give you the gen on WP and durability of the WP perhaps? I loved their Torrent model and the 3/4 length especially in the cold.
By the way Drew I own the LHG and it's alright!
Certainly not scrub bashable tho' but pretty toughish.
No affiliation with One Planet but owned quite a few of their items.
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Re: One Planet Rain Jackets & Overpants

Postby rockwallaby » Thu 09 Jul, 2020 11:52 am

Ive decided on the One Planet Wangi simple design no bells and whistles but all it has to do is keep the rain out!
its a good length and seems fairly tough fabric time will tell. and when you can buy/support Australian made at the moment why wouldn't you

My last jacket was a North Face proshell purchased in Nepal for $70 (plus included a softshell that zipped inside)
knockoff or not this lasted 8 years before seam tape started peeling off
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