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Bedding (sheets) recommendations

Mon 02 Nov, 2020 4:00 am

We were looking for new bedding and, frankly speaking, came to an end. More recently we bought a set of 600 threads of eucalyptus sheets, which were very soft, but started peeling a week.

We are probably snobs and we want the softest and coolest sheets, but in two months we gave up the last 4 sets because the peeling, they were not soft, after washing they were scratchy, etc.

Does anybody here have any recommendations? The cost is not a problem.

Re: Bedding (sheets) recommendations

Mon 02 Nov, 2020 11:51 am

Try 100% linen. I'll never go back.

They may not satisfy your 'softest' criteria though, as they're not 'smooth' like a standard cotton sheet, but they are still very nice to sleep in. Try BedThreads for a good set.
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