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Franklin River Journey

PostPosted: Wed 16 Jan, 2019 2:10 am
by Tommydoodle
Some time ago I had the luck to be able to attend a screening at the Hobart Library of the 1980 film Franklin River Journey. This was an iconic film for me, and really set me on my life path, so to speak. Although the film had a voice over by John Bluthal (of Vicar of Dibley fame, and much more), the character portrayed in the film - Antonius Moscal - was real and played himself. He was a housepainter by trade, and a passionate amateur botanist and used to do many collecting trips for TMAG. I've found some papers he co authored, but not much more information. He was a Tasmanian resident, and I am wondering if anyone knows what eventually came of him (and if he is deceased, where he is buried so I can pay my respects). He would be 89 or so if he is still alive.

Re: Franklin River Journey

PostPosted: Wed 16 Jan, 2019 2:22 am
by Tommydoodle
Antonius passed away 21/5/2017.

Here's his obituary: what an absolutely cracking bloke! I would have loved to have met him. The kind of fellow we all aspire to be. ... ircea.html

Re: Franklin River Journey

PostPosted: Sat 16 Oct, 2021 10:07 pm
by tas-man
This wonderful film can be viewed on Youtube in the Libraries Tasmania online Archive collection. If you have never seen it, brew a cup of your favourite brew and be entranced for half an hour! Highly recommended!